Committee Responsibilties


Responsible for:
Being chief spokesperson for the club.
Oversee all committee members.
Chair all club general and committee meetings.

Secretary Responsible for:
Incoming and outgoing mail of all types. Take minutes at meetings.
Means checking incoming emails and post box (once a month). Automatically answering any mail not needing committee referral, this mail to be answered with approval from the committee.
Treasurer Responsible for:
Managing the finances of the club. Bringing all receipts to the committee.
Means collecting all monies at events/meetings and account for and banking.
Membership Responsible for:
Recording and maintaining all membership details. Issuing club membership cards.
Web Officer Responsible for managing the club website.
Making sure it is up to date and all information is accurate.
Coordinator Responsible for:
Overseeing and coordinating all events.
This means that venues are booked and officials are organised.
Whilst it would help to be at the event and organise, the main duty is to organise, which could be done using the phone or email only.
Ordinary Responsible for:
Help in decision making and help where every possible.