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Contemporary trends in music for social tango dancing
Apilado(Igor Polk)
The position where partners lean against each other
This is brilliant- from (http://www.tangopulse.net)
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This is the Tango(Guadalupe Jolicoeur)         
Entertaining way to learn Tango History (3hr audio)
Performative Gender Rituals in Milongas of Buenos Aires       (Adriana Pegorer)  PART1    PART 2   PART 3
Interaction in Buenos Aires Milongas (3 youtube videos)
El Arranque; Emilio Balcarce and Pugliese; La Yumba; the research hows; the sheet orchestrations.
The gems; Ignacio Corsini; rare test-pressings and movie soundtracks; Troilo singing; rare Salgan solo recordings; Alfredo Gobbi acetates; newly discovered great compositions; sources and restoring; whole discographies